Introduction Activity


an activity that helps the group get to know each other and start to share their views

*You will need room for everyone to move around.

Time: 10 – 20 minutes

Why do we like it?

It gives everyone a chance to speak to some new people. It can gently break up cliques. It gives everyone a very safe experience of speaking in the group which helps for later contributions. It works equally well for groups who know each other already and those who don’t or groups who are a mixture.

How does it work?

  • Ask the group to arrange themselves in to alphabetical order according to their first name.
  • Once they have found their position ask them to speak to the person next to them, introduce themselves if they have not met before and then share some information about their name, this could be the meaning of their name, if they like it, why they were given it, if they have any nick names. Give them the options and allow them to choose. After a few minutes ask if anyone want to share the story they heard or repeat their own story to the whole group.
  • Repeat the process two or three times with a different order and different subject to discuss these could be; order of the month you were born in and a present you were given or gave someone else, distance for where you are right now to where you were born or the first home you remember. For the final order you can ask the group to discuss something relevant to the session such as when they first heard of your organisation, how long they have lived in the area or attended the service.
  • Avoid orders or questions that might make people feel uncomfortable such as age or height

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