Close to the Goal

Information Gathering Activity


An activity that gives a snap shot of opinions in a easy visual format

*You will need an image of a football pitch with goals. This could be anything from an a4 sized picture to a table sized model; you can find an example in the resources section. A football or picture of a football.

Example of how to use it:

If an intended outcome of your service is to ensure the community view the area as prosperous then you might use this performance measure.

Performance measure – More community members believe that people in the area have enough money, jobs available to them, support when they need it, could set up their own business.

Time: 10 – 20 minutes

Why do we like it?

The analogy of football goals is easily and immediately understood, it is fun and it allows for a range of opinions to be gathered.
How does it work?
Explain to the group that Goal Image is the opposition goal where we score, if a subject scores a goal then we are doing really well in this area , alternatively if it is an ‘own goal’ then we are not achieving on this measure. Anywhere between the two goals can represent a degree of success in this area. I.e. just outside the opposition goal is doing well but not quite there, two thirds of the way along is progressing well.
Write the subject to be measured on the football for example ‘Most people living in the area have enough money’ and ask the group to place it on the football pitch according to what they believe. You can either ask them to reach a consensus or you can give each person their own football and compile the results later. You can record by taking a photograph. Repeat with any other questions

When compiling the results you can translate the position on the football pitch to a numerical score, so ‘own goal’ is zero and the opposition goal is ten. Alternatively you could translate it to strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree, strongly disagree. If it is useful you can also ask the group why they chose that point on the pitch and record their responses.

How to adapt it?
Use any question you want or use a different image netball, a race would work just as well. You can also use a meal so the lowest rank is just ordering our food, followed by starters to represent we are just beginning to make progress all the way to desert where much has been achieved.

Why it works
It gives a clear picture of peoples perceptions, it allows for a wide range of opinions, it can be easily translated to numerical data. People are generally comfortable with the football pitch image.

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