Dot Target and Graffiti Wall

Ending Activity


An activity that that gives people a final chance to have a say and evaluate the session.

*You will need pen paper and sticky dots

Time: 10 minutes

Why do we like it?

It gathers final views and gives you a clear idea of how successful the session was for the group.

How does it work?

  • On a large sheet of paper draw concentric circles split by a cross, like a simple dart board or target. The cross should split the target in to four sections, label these section with the questions you want to ask. For example ‘I enjoyed the session’. The session was useful’, ‘I could say what I thought’
  • Then explain to the group the centre of the target represents ‘yes’ and the outside represents ‘no’ , they can use the space in between to signify different degrees. Give each participant four dots and ask them to place them on the target to indicate their views.
  • At the same time split another sheet of paper into three sections labelled ‘I enjoyed…’ I would have changed….’ and ‘Anything else…”. Ask the group to add their comments under those headings.

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