Information Gathering Activity


An activity that gives and individual picture of hopes and plans for the future

*You will need outlines of gingerbread man shapes printed on paper. You can find an example in the resources section.

Example of how to use it:

If an intended outcome for your service is to help people access further learning opportunities then you might use the following performance measures.

Performance measure – More community members see learning and further education as a viable step to achieving their goals.

Performance measure - More community members recognise that more learning and further education opportunities are available to them.

Time: 15 minutes

Why do we like it?

It encourages individual reflection it gives a thorough picture of how people feel about the opportunities available to them.

How does it work?

  • Give each person a Gingerbread Man Outline and ask them to picture themselves in five years time. It can help to make a note of the age you and significant people around you will be at that time.
  • Ask the group to fill the outline with the things that the hope to be doing in five years time, include work situation, home life, free time, the people around you.
  • On the rest of the piece of paper – outside the outline, ask them to note any significant steps they will need to take to get to their image of themselves in five years time. You can share and discuss the gingerbreads.

Look at the gingerbread people and note how many times learning opportunities are mentioned and how concrete they are. Some people might be very specific, for example ‘I need to complete the Access to Health and Social care course at Coleg Morganwg’ others may be more vague for example ‘Do some book keeping training’

You can score the level of detail and certainty and the number of times learning opportunities are mentioned.

How to adapt it?
For some groups starting with a gingerbread person that depicts their life now can be useful. You can use the same method for a variety of measures for example you could note how many people see themselves as still living in the area for perception of area.

Why it works
This is a very personal activity and demonstrates how relevant people feel opportunities are for them. Some people might find imagining the future very difficult or might see very little change happening. It is important to offer support and reassurance and allow people to comfortable step out of the activity if it is not appropriate for them. It is also useful to mention that sustaining situations and keeping things the same are valid goals.

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