Information Gathering Activity


An activity that lets you measure two values at once.

*You will need small squares of paper, two crossing lines making a cross on large paper.

Example of how to use it:

If the intended outcome of your service is to ensure that community members make decisions at every level in and about their community then you might use this performance measure.

Performance measure – Community members are able to identify a wider range of ways they can impact on change and report that they find it easier to do so.

Time: 20 minutes

Why do we like it?

It allows you to measure two factors; the group have a lot of control of the values attributed.
How does it work?

  • Ask the group to think of as many decisions they would like to be able to make about their community and area they live in. These can be things they already have a say n and things they would like to have a say in. Record these, one per small square of paper.

  • Introduce the grid, the grid works like a graph with two axis.

  • The vertical line measures whether people know how to have a say about an issues and the horizontal line measures how easy they think it is to have a say.

  • Take each subject and find a consensus within the group as to where it should be placed on the graph.

In the example above ‘who is our councillor’ is easy to have a say in the group know how to have a say in it, whereas ‘making people clear up dog mess’ is both difficult to have a say in and the group are not sure how to have a say about it.

Note how many subjects are suggested by the group, the number of areas they want to have a say in and feel they do have a say in is a good measure of their level of empowerment. An empowered group will have a high number of subjects in the top right corner of the graph. Note how many move there at the end of your project if you are able to do before and after measurements.

How to adapt it?
Mark the grid out on the floor and do a giant version, use a4 paper for personal versions.

Use any factors you want to measure.

Why it works
The grid sorts information and gives clear picture of where your group is at, the debates about where to place issues can be useful to assess their level of empowerment and knowledge.

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