Information Gathering Activity


An activity that gives individuals a chance to reflect on their soft skills

*You will need stars sheets.

Example of how to use it:

Soft Skills
If the intended outcome of your service is to improve community members soft skills then you might use these performance measures.

Performance measure – Community members rate their soft skills higher than they did at the beginning of the process

Time: 15 minutes

Why do we like it?

The groups are able to reflect, record and measure any increase in their soft skills.

How does it work?

  • Ask the group to suggest skills and attributes that might be used in the project or work you are doing with them. This might include communication skills, confidence, assertiveness, decision making, planning skills, negotiation.
  • Then ask them to write them on the starts sheet, you can find an example in the resources section. They should then rate themselves by colouring the number of stars, one for ‘I am just starting to develop this’, all five for ‘I do this really well’.

Compare a before and after recording to assess distance travelled.
A note of caution – sometimes at the beginning of projects bravado or lack of knowledge can result in high levels of self assessment and then a build up of trust and better understanding of the skills can make the second recording lower. If you think this might b the case with your group you will need to find another way of measuring. You could ask them to rate how their understanding of the categories has improved during the process and ask them to rate the trust within the group.

How to adapt it?
Use the skills and attributes you plan to develop rather than asking the group.

Ask the group to work in pairs and rate each other, it can be hard to evaluate yourself in this way.

Why it works
The group have ownership over the process; simple questions can reveal a lot about how you project has impacted on the group.

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