Information Gathering Activity


An activity that allows the group to imagine an ideal scenario

*You will need some paper.

Example of how to use it:

Perception of Change
If the intended outcome of your project is to improve the communities perception of the area.

Performance measure – When measured against an ideal the positive perception of the area increases

Time: 15 minutes

Why do we like it?

It allows imaginative input but then measure real change.

How does it work?

  • Ask the group to imagine the world’s best version of the area or service. Encourage them to draw or write a description of it.
  • Look at the different version and together draw out the common themes, even if there are unrealistic ideas in there, there should be some core ideas that are relevant and shared, For example the group may describe luxurious facilities and excellent weather, the core idea might be pleasant, usable outside spaces.
  • Take these core ideas and put them on an Equalizer sheet (Page ??) ask the group to rate how they fell they are now and how the want them to be.
  • At the end of the project, measure again.

Drawing out the common core themes is part of you measurements plus the measurements described in the Equalizer activity.
How to adapt it?
You can ask the group to create a ‘world’s worst’ version first to filter negative opinions and perceptions.
Why it works
It can be hard to measure an area or service if you have never lived anywhere else or experienced similar services, this activity allows the group to create some ideals and pin down what they would like to see. By exploring the extremes you can find a realistic level.

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