1. Reviewing what you’ve found out and suggest improvements

Once you’ve collected information, you should bring everyone together to review the findings.

Some critical questions you might want to ask include.


  • Are the outcomes what you expected them to be?
  • If they are different, what caused the difference?
  • Have there been any unintended outcomes?


  • Did everybody get to participate who wanted to? What helped or prevented them?
  • Are some stakeholders under-represented?

Information collection:

  • Did you get information on all the performance measures you wanted to?
  • Are there any gaps in data?
  • What worked well what did not work so well?

What do you need to do to improve your impact in the future?

If the process reveals you are failing to make the impact you wanted to make.

Think about why you didn’t succeed in some areas and what you could have done differently.

  • If it is the end of your project then you now need to decide what new project you need to do in future that will achieve the impact you had hoped to achieve.
  • If your project has come to an end you can also think about how you can pass on these lessons to other similar projects.
  • If your project is ongoing, you can make recommendations of actions for your project to make this impact happen.
  • You may find it useful to think of using this information in a cycle of ‘Plan – Do – Review’. So you first plan your project, which includes planning all the information you need to collect and how to do it. This stage is then followed by delivering your project, and this will include collecting and sorting all your monitoring information. The final stage in the cycle is to Review, when you look at all the information you have. This may include attendance numbers, soft outcomes as well as thinking about what went well and what didn’t. You can then use all this information to work with everyone involved to plan the next phase of the project and start the cycle again.

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